We cannot stop ageing,
But we can age nicely.

From infrastructure to innovations, VanYi aims to deliver an ideal ageing future, to embrace challenges from the new era.


Infrastructure for Ageing Population

By virtue of our top-notch land development and construction teams, we build age-friendly community with ESG-compliant quality.


Intelligent System

We have developed an intelligent management system, integrating all the data from medical centers, geriatric clinics, and long-term care facilities, establishing a one-stop service ecosystem.


Reablement and Quality of Life

Our multidisciplinary reablement team offers physical and psychological therapy, aiding the patients in not only regaining self-care ability, but also rebuilding self-esteem and quality lifestyle.


Allow the elderly to return to families, enjoy companions while being independent.

The burdens of raising kids while caring for elderly parents have made modern families struggling, and resulted in a loss of the entire economic system. Therefore, VanYi provides cross-generation service for your whole family.

Day Care
Home Care
Residential Care
Intergenerational Care

Why you should trust VanYi with your family well-being.

We have only one family, and only one half of our lives left. So why not choose the best?


Multi-professional reablement team

Our professional staff includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapist, respiratory therapists, dietitians, counseling psychologists, and reablement consultants. Together, the team offers full aspects of reablement care.


Integrated intelligent health cloud system

VanYi introduces international and scientific approaches to data management, integrating electronic health records from medical centers and rehabilitation clinics into our cloud system, making it accessible and analyzable for the long term.


All-stage service for the elderly

We endeavor to offer comprehensive service to patients of all stages, from suboptimal, moderate disabled to bedridden ones. VanYi ensures the elderly has nothing to worry about ageing, and that life with VanYi is just another chapter you are ready to experience.


Community healthcare of precision

Our one-stop healthcare service will keep you away from suboptimal health status. We have established a network integrating medical centers, rehabilitation clinics and community healthcare system, providing not only discharge planning, remote monitoring, virtual clinic and online diagnosis, but the full-scale health management. VanYi saves you the hassle of circling around hospitals.


Next-gen health care planning for age-friendly cities

By 2030, 1 in 6 people in the world will be aged 60 years or over, according to WHO. The United Nations General Assembly declared 2021–2030 the Decade of Healthy Ageing and called for collective action. VanYi takes part in by implementing technology in geriatrics and physiatry. Bridging institutions, professionals, and families in need, VanYi carries out the last-mile solution for the ageing world.

founder avatar

Vic Lu, CEO

Civilization advancement, technology development, and humanitarian concerns are the three keys to the new era, and they are also VanYi’s ambitions from the very first day.

While people consider VanYi’s solutions are for the elderly, we are essentially helping the younger generation, also known as the sandwich generation, caught in the middle of caring for kids and ageing parents.

Such dilemma has cost many families’ wholesomeness, as the drowning stress and unbalanced state of minds makes them incapable of functioning properly. And it is this particular scenario that we are proposing solutions for.

Surely, long-term care is not all about family functioning, it can also impact on national workforce supply, economic competitiveness, and even the entire human welfare. And it is our cross to bear. Our generation.

Civilization. Technology. Humanitarian concerns. With these three keys to the new era, VanYi is ready.



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